Seppe-Hazel Laeremans
Seppe-Hazel Laeremans Seppe-Hazel Laeremans

(they/them) is a graphic designer, artist, writer and editor currently based in Ghent, Belgium.

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Seppe-Hazel Laeremans

(they/them) is a graphic designer, artist, writer and editor currently based in Ghent, Belgium.

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Grains of Sand like Mountains,

a group exhibition curated by Curatorial Studies, showing To settle, to unsettle and hosting a collective reading in Kunsthal Gent, 2024

Ten attempts to translate Desnortear-se,

a series of essays on disorientation, with and to Barbi García, Sjoerd Beijers, Abel Hartooni and Giulia Maria Reis, 2024

To confuse, to disorient,

a collective reading and exhibition with Abel Hartooni and Fae Felis as part of Jumping Fences, in Het Paviljoen, Ghent, 2024

To twirl,

a series of attempts with Marthe Huyse as part of Jumping Fences, in Het Paviljoen, Ghent, 2024

To fragment, to shatter,

a collective reading and movie screening with Barbi García and Cinema Spreekhond as part of Jumping Fences, in Het Paviljoen, Ghent, 2024

Blossoming and Withering,

a masterclass on failure organised with Joram De Cocker to the artists-in-residence of Projectvierennegentig, Ostend, 2024

Jumping Fences,

a group exhibition in Vleeshal with Paola Siri Renard, Jan Vandeplancke, Céleste Buyle, Quinten Vermeulen, Lore Janssens, Haron Barashed, Yawen Fu and Sjoerd Beijers, presenting essays and textile works made in collaboration with Barbi García, Abel Hartooni and Marthe Huyse, Middelburg, 2024

Fruit for Thought,

a collective reading on failure, in conversation with Nina Paim at Bikini Books, Porto, 2024

To confuse, to disorient, a conjoint letter to clouds,

a collective essay with Abel Hartooni, Porto-Ghent, 2024

To fragment, to shatter,

a collective essay with Barbi García in Porto, 2024

La Marcia al Mare,

a bilingual introduction text and curatorial guidance for Eugenio Bengalli’s solo exhibition in Vila Nova de Gaia, nearby Porto, 2024

Meeting Grounds,

a continuation of a visual language with Sjoerd Beijers for a gathering organized by Paul Bailey in Camden Art Centre, London, 2024

Withering Blossoms & Blossoming Withers,

a workshop and collective reading with Joram De Cocker in EKA GD’S Stand-in School for Graphic Design in Berlin, 2024

To confluence,

a series of poems sent by mail for When is a Good Time?, an exhibition organized by Lara Finkenstädt and Helena Hoffman in Basis Projektraum, Frankfurt, 2024

The Salt in the Merchant’s Letter…,

exhibition poster with and for Abel Hartooni, Ghent, 2024

Twaalf Maal,

a yearly calendar project initiated by Laura Beulens later joined by Emma Raymaekers, David Adeyemo and I, Brussels-Ghent, 2023

To Un-fold,

MAP#149, joint exhibition with Marthe Huyse in Glazen Gang, Ghent, 2023

Meeting Grounds,

caretaker during lectures hosted by Paul Bailey with Metahaven, Dayna Casey and Katja Mater in Kunsthal Gent; caretaker for KASK GD workshops hosted by Paul Bailey together with Abel Hartooni, Sjoerd Beijers and Anouck Voisin; visual language with Sjoerd Beijers and Anouck Voisin, 2023


a visual poem made during a masterclass by Juan Pablo Plazas and Hans Demeulenaere at Projectvierennegentig, Ostend, 2023

A Picnic,

a collective reading on work and leisure in collaboration with Cinema Spreekhond, curated by Arno Huygens at De Verffabriek, Ghent, 2023

A Moving Bookshop

with Marthe Huyse for KASK Graduation, with help from Eva Cosyns and Thibeau Kindt, Ghent, 2023

A Quilt,

with Karel Op ’t Eynde for A Horse With An Attitude, Leuven, 2023

A collective reading

on margins, marginalization and marginalia, Ghent, 2023

A Reader,

an 82 meter long leporello unfolding stories on queering and decolonizing visual languages encountered in João Pessoa, 2022-2023


a festival campaign in collaboration with Kopano Maroga, for VierNulVier, Ghent, 2022

July 2023,

a contribution to Laura Beulens’ calendar project, 2022

Kiki Kiosk

lettering and visuals with Bebe Books, a queer gathering space at Konvooi Festival in Bruges, 2022


three zines about alpha male-motivation reels wrapped in folded posters, 2022

A Dolphin, Waves Crashing and Flowers,

a screenprinted reconfiguration of ‘Alone and Drinking Under the Moon’ by Li Po, 2022

Open Day

Campaign for KASK & Conservatorium with Maartje Peeters, Ghent, 2022

Two in One,

In situ bookmaking performances with Marthe Huyse in Komplot Brussels during Salon Salon Salon, and in Kunsthal Gent during Ghent Art Book Fair, invited by — respectively — Arno Huygens and Lore Janssens, 2022

Rome Rome Rome Rom and Dubrovnik Dubrovnik,

both part of an archival research project and a poem, 2021

Codex Meets Cybersex,

visual identity for a series of lectures-workshops, in conversation with Nana Esi, Sophie Keij and Bart De Baets, 2020
Hovered Image Hovered Image